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  • Unexpected destiny

21 May 2017.It was 8am on morning after heavy rain the previous night that I stood in front of a college near cubban park .It was still drizzling.This day I was to face my unexpected battle;the JEE Advance exam.

Thousands of people were crowded filled with anxiousness.Huge traffic unable to be managed by police,with noise of the horn of vehicles ,really it was a massive crowd.Parents were more in number than students.Really it was dramatic. So was my dad with his hands over my shoulder ,was so proud of me that he didn’t expressed it even when I told him the results.

Parents and students had arrived at early at the exam center .They were waiting outside.Some were going through their notes,others spoke to their mates,while some like me were relaxed having no idea how exams would be and waiting the gates to open.There was no end to…

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